OPENrestaurant is looking for food stories

May 9, 2014


This May OPENrestaurant is in Fittja, collecting short stories about food and life in northern Botkyrka. We will open the apartment at Krogarvagen 26 again this May for OPEN Hours.

We’ll serve Fittja-roasted coffee and home-cooked refreshments; make short videos documenting neighbors’ recipes, refrigerators, and food cultures; and plan together for a new community kitchen at the heart of the new Konsthall in Fittja.

OPEN hours at Krögarvägen 26 Apt #1: 16-19:00

Mondays/Tuesdays May 12/13/19/20

send video files to openrestaurant: amandajeicher@gmail.com

find us on instagram: #openbotkyrka

on facebook: openrestaurant



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