Variations on a Caffe: OPENrestaurant at the Fittja Pavilion in Venice

June 3, 2014


 Bounty from the Rialto Farmers’ Market, Venice

For the past month in the Fittja Kitchen and Caffé, OPENrestaurant has been working with neighbors in Fittja, Sweden to record short videos, stories, and recipes describing food memories and ideas about the food system in greater Stockholm. This video, as well as a variation on Fittja’s kitchen caffé, will be presented as a part of the
Fittja Pavilion in Venice at the Serra dei Giardini from 5 June – 7 September 2014.

Come taste Fittja’s food! On opening weekend, chefs Ayhan Aydin and Jen Smith along with artist Amanda Eicher will present Fittja’s mantis, a Turkish specialty prepared with recommendations from Fittja’s diverse neighbors. Throughout the exhibition, the Serra dei Giardini Caffe will offer Fittja’s dolmas on its menu. Customers and visitors are encouraged to sit down at the garden table in the Fittja Pavilion to watch ‘Fittja Mat Berattelser’ and get to know some of the traditions which shaped the Fittja foods offered this summer in Venice.

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